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Global warming and its possible effects on Earth


The content of this article has been abstracted from the independent report “Global warming and its possible effects on Earth”, available to download using the link at the bottom of this article.

What is global warming?

Global warming is the rise of temperature above earth surface, leading to climate change worldwide. There are possible reasons to why the temperature above the earth surface has risen over the last century and would continuously rise, despite the fact control measures are put in place.

What causes global warming?

Scientists believe that global warming is caused by the addition of greenhouse gases (i.e. CO2) from industry and agricultural sector to the natural greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Activities such as burning fossil fuels (i.e. coal, oil, natural gas etc) are considered to increase the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) within the global atmosphere and also responsible for global warming.

We believe the scientific facts (stated above) are partially responsible for the cause of global warming. The scientists have considered the facts on earth to come to such conclusion. However, facts beyond earth may play a major in global warming too.

Our prediction, considering the scientific and geographical facts on and beyond earth is that the planet earth could be getting closer towards the sun within the solar system. The distance (radius) between the earth and the sun could have been shortened over past centuries, resulting in rise of temperature worldwide.

How could global warming affect the world?

There are several possible ways, global warming could affect the climate change across the world.

•  rise in sea level (ice melting)

•  heat waves, could lead to droughts and human and animal de-hydration in some parts of the world

•  more storms, leading to floods affecting agricultural sector in parts of the world

•  rise in temperate and moist atmosphere could also lead to developing new bacteria’s/viruses, which could have negative effects on humans and animals

If the planet earth is moving closer towards the sun, over the next few centuries, the life on earth could be affected in the following way.

Living thing will die out when it reaches a certain temperature on earth surface and also because of some of the global warming affects stated above.

Heat from the sun would heat and pressurize the mantle (molten rock) beneath the earth’s crust, leading to faster movements of plates on earth surface. This would result in more frequent earthquakes and also volcanic eruptions. As the earth gets closer towards the sun, the heat pressure will force out mantle on top of the earth surface, flooding the dry lands across the world with lava (molten rock). The earth would possible end by moving into the sun. However, this catastrophic climate change would possibly take place many centuries after the there is no life on earth, due to extreme temperature rise on earth.


However, this should not be a reason to avoid greenhouse gas emission on earth. Putting carbon emission control measures in place, can have a much more positive effect on life on earth (i.e. clearer air and water, better health, improve life expectancy, supports agriculture sector etc).

How could global warming be prevented?

Considering the scientific and geographical facts, global warming may not be preventable at all. But, control measures can be put into place to slow the process of global warming on earth surface and prevent disastrous climate change on earth sooner than later. Some of the following changes would have a positive long-term affect on life on earth.

•  reducing industrial and agricultural emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)

•  converting Industrial emission of CO2 into environmental friendly or reusable products

•  reduction in cutting forests and planting more trees (CO2 absorbers)

•  using solar, wind and hydro-power energy generators

This independent report is just a predication based on learning from science on and beyond earth, as well as geography. There is no proven evidence to the content of this report.

Global warming and its possible effects on Earth

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