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Performance/KPIs management and measurement is to set a framework that enables an honest and transparent understanding of performance within the organisation and how the organisation can improve their level of service to achieve their set targets.

Briefly speaking, there are 3 core areas within Performance Management Cycle

1. Plan - Setting out a plan of actions to achieve aims and objectives

2. Do - Actions that has to be taken, including accountability. Have Performance Monitoring Systems in place and regularly feed analysed information to the appropriate parties

3. Review – Actions that has taken place and revise future actions as a result of learning

Why is Performance Management important within an organisation?

Often in public sector organisations there are financial pressures. As a CEO, MD or even a Director of an organisation, you will need to show leadership and have systems in place that demonstrates you're measuring of what's important to your business that reflects tenant priorities and evidences your performance.

We have specialist skills, knowledge and experience in consulting and developing Performance Management Systems and processes to measure various attributes or areas of service down to the root.

If you are in a process of implementing or developing a Performance Management system/process, we may be able to provide you with a best possible solution. 

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