Diamond Management Consultancy Ltd

NHS Litigation Authority

We specialize in consulting and setting up an NHS LA policy and procedure audit trail system, which enables the Project Manager/Co-ordinator to monitor the NHS LA requirements per policy/procedure against the actual written policy/procedure within the organisation, to ensure the set requirement are met successfully. We have experience of interpreting NHS LA requirements and explaining them to the appropriate policy author.

Why do you need a NHS LA Policy and Procedure Management System within Healthcare organisations?

•  Ensure all policies/procedures are fully compliant with NHS LA set criteria

•  An effective policy and procedure management system

•  CQC Inspectors can easily inspect policy and procedures during their inspections

•  Keep an audit trail of the stage the policy or procedure is at during implementation

If you are a Healthcare provider, you will need to have a robust policies and procedures in place in order to be legally compliant. If you require consultation on organisational systems and processes around NHS LA, we may have the perfect solutions for you.

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