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Marketing & Business Development

We have experts in Marketing & Business Development. Whether you want to reach customers or businesses, we can create campaigns that connect with the right people in the right places and in the right way. We can provide top level consultation on planning, branding products or service, strategic campaigns, public relations, design and communication, and online marketing. We can drive you all the way from identifying a niche market to launch products or services. In most of the areas within Marketing and Business Development, we are flexible and will have a “hands on” approach throughout various processes, if required.

We work hard to build a strong proposition and to determine the creative platforms that will target and communicate that proposition. By looking at each client’s circumstances and goals, we can tailor solutions to meet their exact requirements.

1. Branding

Unique branding is an assurance to the customer – one that will immediately create a positive image of the product or service and its values to the customer in the first instance. Branding is a distinctive image, style and tone that describes the value of a product or service and makes it saleable. DMC Ltd can consult clients on how to bring a product or service to life by considering the following branding guidelines.

• Strategic Brand review

• Brand Development

• Brand and Product naming

• Corporate Identity

• Logo Design and Style Templates

2. Strategic Campaign

Business challenges can come in various shapes and sizes. DMC Ltd can consult you to improve sales of products/services, find a new distributor, win a tender, increase membership, get into digital retailing or improve customer relations. We can consult you from market research to strategic evaluation and create campaigns from launch to company re-brands. Campaigns are carefully managed to get you the best results. DMC Ltd is full of good ideas and the planning expertise that will take you forward. We can provide consultation in the following areas of Strategic Campaign.

• Market Research

• Strategic Evaluation

• Integrated Market Plans

• Product launches

• Campaign Management

3. Public Relation

Reputation of an organisation is a catalyst that speeds up the growth of an organisation. It’s a part of your business that needs regular attention and management. We at DMC Ltd can make it a priority to understand what your target audience already thinks about your business and then develop a public relations plan, whether online or offline, that will support what you want to achieve. From getting close to journalists through media relations and writing press releases to placing articles and winning the support of bloggers, we understand how the big picture works. It’s our business to help you create the plans and campaigns that will make your business stand out for all the right reasons. We can provide consultation at various level with the following areas of PR.

• PR Plans

• Media Relations

• Press Release

• Online PR

• Blogger Relations

4. Design & Communication

We understand that good marketing communications are fresh, compelling and engaging. Powerful words and imagery have the power to sway opinions and influence buying behavior, so when you’re looking for graphic design, web design and professional copywriting. We are experts at finding the design concepts to represent your product/service and apply new approaches that bring the products or services to life. We can provide consultation in the following areas and also produce various materials at an unbeatable price.

• Advertise

• Brochures

• Direct Mails

• B2B Marketing Service

• Trade Marketing

5. Online Marketing

Online market has become one of the biggest and the effective marketing tool to get a product or service out to your customers. Customers use the web as a tool to find everything they want online. DMC Ltd can develop digital campaigns that to ensure your business is right where it should be when your customers are ready to click. We can provide consultation at strategic level for the following online marketing tools.

• Online Survey

• Search Engine Optimisiation

• Pay per click

• Email Marketing

• Social Media

• Blogging

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