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Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity is a very important agenda item to be considered especially within public, private and third sector organisations to achieve set targets/objectives set out by the regulators. Equality and Diversity covers range of areas such as race, religion, disability, human rights, gender, culture and amongst others to be considered and have awareness of within the workforce. Also, when providing a service/product to the customer, patients or public.

We can provide top level consultation on implementation of Equality and Diversity policy and procedures to suit individual organisational needs, as well as promote Equality and Diversity within your organisation and across communities at local or national level.

We can provide consulting service in the following areas.

• Implementation of Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedures

• Translate/Interpret National Equality and Diversity policies (i.e. Department of Health Policy and Procedure)

• Consult, Lead and or Project Manage Equality and Diversity projects (e.g. events etc)

• Engage Local communities and stakeholders to participate in service delivery

• And amongst others

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