Diamond Management Consultancy Ltd

About us

Diamond Management Consultancy Ltd (DMC Ltd) is a management consulting firm that provides professional expertise within many areas of business management. We also have experience in specialist business fields such as Healthcare Management (i.e. Care Quality Commissioning, NHS LA, etc) within the public sector. We are fully insured to undertake consultancy work within UK.

Our mission

• Provide a high standard quality of consulting service to our clients and to gain a recognition within the consulting market

• Undertake assignments/contracts which we can deliver on time with adequate resources

• Loyalty towards our clients and also respect our clients business confidentiality

• Build a strong working relationship with our clients

We are an independent organisation and prefer to work directly with our clients, without the involvement of third parties. However, we are more than happy to purchase contracts from third parties at an agreed single payment. To find out more about some of our terms and conditions of contracting, please see the page frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Mohammed Ali (Consultant, Founder & Managing Director at DMC Ltd) has worked across a range of senior management positions within public and private sector organisations, gaining a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences within Corporate Management field. He also has extensive level of experience, working on Healthcare Governance agenda items (CQC, NHS LA, NICE Programme, Information Governance, Risk Management, Medical Devices Management, Nursing Audits and amongst others) within Acute and Primary Care Trusts. You can follow his tweets and get the latest updates on DMC Ltd services by clicking here

DMC Ltd is always seeking for new challenges to identify and resolve complex issues within businesses using our analytical expertise. We are always looking forward to work with new and existing clients within public, private and third sector organisations.

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